Friday, March 23, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations - The last hope for Survival-Horror?

There is a new interview with Resident Evil: Revelations producer, Masachika Kawata, that is currently making the rounds on the web.

The story is making waves, mostly because Mr. Kawata says that the Survival-Horror market is just too small for the numbered Resident Evil games.

Masachika Kawata: "Especially for the North American market, I think the series needs to head in that [action-oriented] direction," Kawata said. "[Resident Evil's primary games] need to be an extension of the changes made in Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5".

However, what should also be taken into account in this interview, is that Mr. Kawata also mentioned Resident Evil: Revelations in the mix. Calling it part of the non-numbered branch that could still provide some of that old Survival-Horror experience in modern times.

Masachika Kawata: "So we have our numbered series, and we can say we have a more adventure-oriented version, like a Revelations-style game. And we also have Operation: Raccoon City, which is a third-person shooter. So I think that by extending the market in this sense, we can still have the numbered titles keep their identity about what Resident Evil is supposed to be, but still expand and hit other markets as well."

It's understandable that many Resident Evil fans feel disappointed by Kawata's comments in regards to the main, numbered series. Of it needing to cater to action-oriented audiences. However,  he gave us hope by mentioning that games of the type of Resident Evil: Revelations (and it's potential sequel) are an option for those of us that still desire some of that Survival-Horror fix in a Resident Evil setting.

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