Saturday, May 18, 2013

Facebook app that lets you put your face on the cover!

Capcom as part of their campaign to promote the HD ports of Resident Evil: Revelations, has launched a Facebook app called 'Face on Board', which allows fans to create their own personalized version of the Resident Evil Revelations box art with the application.

Jez Hughes, account director at Crush London (the company behind the app), said:

“The idea for the app was to create a stand out launch activation which is simple for the user and audience relevant. We wanted to use the key artwork of the game and transfer branding and creative into an interactive experience, as well as allowing fans to use it with a physical product. The ‘Face on Board’ application allows us to continue making Resident Evil an approachable and engaging brand online.”

The application also has a competition element, giving fans the chance to win a copy of the game with their personalised Resident Evil Revelations artwork.

Angelique Schierz-Crusius, head of digital marketing at Capcom, added: 

“We think fans will love our app because it relates to the horror of Resident Evil and gives a sense of entrapment, but also allows for a fun and interactive experience.”

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