Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Resident Evil: Revelations wins “Best TPS of 2012”!

Resident Evil: Revelations wins “Best Third Person Shooter of 2012”!

"Resident Evil has certainly enjoyed a roller coaster of all time highs and lows throughout the years. The fourth entry, despite being one of the best reviewed and beloved games of all time, had its fair share of detractors complaining about the series' departure from its strictly survival horror roots. That little tidbit of information is very important because it explains precisely why Resident Evil: Revelations is such an astonishingly good game.

Blending the best jump scares and creeping horror from the first three entries of the franchise with the impeccable action oriented perspective and controls from the second half of the series means that this is arguably the best of both worlds, and that not only surprised but greatly impressed us. Of course, the fantastic visuals and moody audio mixed with the sheer amount of content and addictive multiplayer means that not only is this a great handheld game, but it would've been an excellent main entry in the franchise."

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