Saturday, December 1, 2012

RUMOR: Resident Evil Revelations coming to Wii U ?

According to information from Geno, a reliable source that ended up being right about the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow projects (LoS 2 and MoF) and Kingdom Hearts HD Collection, Resident Evil Revelations is now being listed as coming not just to the PS3 and 360, but will also be release for the Wii U game console as well.

The same source claims that a special edition of Resident Evil 6 (that features a Claire Redfield scenario) and a sequel to Operation Raccoon City, will also come out for all consoles, including the Wii U.

UPDATE (January 22nd, 2013): Resident Evil: Revelations has been officially confirmed for home consoles and PC. It will go on sale on May 21 in the U.S., and May 24 in Europe.

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