Monday, January 28, 2013

3 Reasons Revelations is the best Resi in years!

1) Classic Survival Horror action
Simply put, Revelations is probably as close to the old-school Resident Evil paradigm as you are going to get for a while, if ever. The game utilizes the same over-the-shoulder camera as the last few games, yes, but scales back the action considerably. As such, Revelations places far more emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving, offering a far more cerebral adventure in comparison to recent entries.

2) New enemies and gameplay that add something fresh

The new Ooze foes offer a fantastic middle ground between Ganado and Zombies, combining the shambling nature of the latter with the speed and ferocity of the RE4 and 5’s foes. Throw in the returning Hunters and some brilliantly grotesque bosses, and Revelations has possibly one of the best bestiary’s in the series’ history. 

3) It’s actually scary
Revelations does something the last couple of RE games – notably the more recent RE6 – failed spectacularly at – scaring the player. Indeed, this is inherent of Capcom’s decision to place gamers in narrow environments that recall the mansion-like setting of RE1, and implementing some old fashioned scare tactics. Enemies will leap out of closets, drop down through air vents even appear seemingly out of nowhere directly behind your character. 

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