Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Revelations Director reveals it's secrets

Resident Evil: Revelations director, Nakanishi in a recent interview reveals some ideas for the game that they had to abandon due to some inevitable time and budget restrictions:

Nakanishi: “We had a ton of great ideas and some, like the Genesis scanner, were used in the game, but quite a lot of them went unused,” he told ONM.

“One such idea was a special weapon designed to be used underwater. This weapon would have been received from Chris at the end of Episode 8, but unfortunately the storyline changed during development and we had to cut it.

“Speaking of the storyline, we also made changes to the final scene of the game. In Episode 1, if you look out at the ocean you can see some land in the distance. This was originally going to be the setting of the finale.”

Jill would have found something from her past there, but now you have the ending we see in the finished game, which I won’t spoil here, in case anyone reading this has yet to play the game.”

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