Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Revelations Demo at Resident Evil Festival

Capcom recently held a “Resident Evil Festival” in Japan. During the event,  Resident Evil: Revelations Producer Tsukasa Takenaka, played through a demo of the game. With the idea of showing to the media in antecedence, its new and improved features.

Here are some of the highlights of the demo’s play-though:
  • Enemy placement has been fine-tuned and modified. The producer explained that this was done to give veterans of the original 3DS game, an incentive to play the updated version.
  • The producer also gave more details concerning the new Nemesis-like enemy. He said that this new B.O.W. can & will appear anywhere on the boat. He said that there will be no “safety-zones”. So players can never let their guard down. Since the new enemy could appear at any given moment.
  • The demo covered the segment of the game where Jill Valentine has to retrieve a key from a missing FBC agent.
Producer Takenaka also reiterated that HUNK would appear in Raid Mode and spoke about the limited edition sets (Premium and Limited) of the game to be released exclusively in Japan.

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